About Jennifer

 Jennifer's first job was working for her father's security firm, Loss Prevention Researchers. They provided guards for all of the Maryland and Washington DC area. He mentored her in how to fingerprint and screen employees who would eventually work for his company. Security got in her blood while working for her father. His example inspired Jennifer to be an entrepreneur.  

She attended college, studied music and earned an AAS degree. During her time at Tacoma Community College, she worked for three years in the literacy program as a tutor helping adults who couldn't read or write. Jennifer also helped students study for their GED. One personal takeaway was the range of learning styles. This would inspire Jennifer in her next job. 

After graduating, Jennifer studied film at University of Washington. During this time, she worked as a nanny for the president of the Frank Russel Company. After eight months working with the family, they encouraged Jennifer to quit being a nanny and start a staffing firm. They witnessed her entrepreneurial, problem solving ways. She launched Morning Star Nannies at age 24. The practice thrived for five years and was strategically put on pause to again attend college, this time Washington State University to earn a BS in humanities and minor in business. 

Alas, Jennifer found herself married with three children and put her dream on hold for a new dream, motherhood. Her children are now grown, and she is reinvigorated to thrive in her woman-owned business. Dreams don't always die, sometimes they lay fallow waiting to re-emerge.