Background Checks

 Background checks can be an important part of the hiring process and help to reveal a person's criminal history.

Morning Star Nannies, LLC. uses second and third party vendors to offer background checks that range in comprehensiveness, from a Motor Vehicle Records Check to an Investigative Criminal Check.

It's important to understand that background checks are not always accurate and may not reveal a person's complete criminal history, especially because of the age of a person, our checks go back seven years through the process of SSN trace.

What's covered by a Background Check?

Criminal records check for each state that applicant has lived in, along with each county applicant has lived in. The criminal records check includes a search of various electronic databases, plus searches certain Federal AND County courthouse public records, typically covering counties the candidate is believed to have lived in the last 7 years and on the information the individual provides, plus Social Security number Trace. These records are searched via electronic access to specific courthouses and in some cases, by a network of court-runners located in individual state counties.

SSN Trace- The provided Social Security Number to certain credit and public records data to help identify an individual's address history, alternative names and aliases. This check is used to help our vendor determine the names and jurisdictions under which criminal records should be searched. The SSN Trace is not conducted through the Social Security Administration and may not be used as the basis for any employment decision and is not confirmation of an individual's identity.

Sex Offender search- The sex offender check is a search of the Federal Department of Justice National Sex public website (https:/ (NSOPW). Reports from this check include sex offender registry data covering 49 states and excluding Nevada and including the District of Columbia and US territories. This search is subject to state limitations and may not reflect an individual's entire sex offender history.

County Criminal records search- The county Criminal Records Search consists of a search of criminal records for each county where the subject is believed to have lived in the past seven years based on information provided by the individual and returned SSN Trace. This search is conducted electronically (where available), and manually if necessary, in these counties. Corra Group will report available criminal history information that can be reported pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and applicable state laws, which, depending on the jurisdiction, may not include non-conviction records more than seven years old.

State Criminal Records - The state criminal records search consists of a Statewide search pursuant to the address search in the SSN trace. These records go back seven years and are pulled by Corra Group in each state the applicant is believed to have lived in the last seven years.

Motor Vehicle Records Check- The motor vehicle records check is a check of the driving record of a candidate for the state where the license being checked was issued. While this check typically does not include criminal records, it can provide additional information about a candidate's history of behavior and judgement. The MVR check will typically report information for the state where the license is being checked is issued: Status of the Operator driving privileges, restrictions, expiration date, license type and class, endorsements, suspensions or revocations, violations, accidents, and DUI's. Typically, violations remain on the MVR report for three years, although convictions for serious offenses may be reported for five years or more, it will not appear in report unless the state where the license is issued has a reciprocity agreement with the state for that type of motor vehicle situation.

While background checks can be helpful and uncover potential red flags, they are not always accurate and no background check should be relied upon to determine a member's complete criminal history or suitability as a caregiver. We strongly recommend that a background check only be used as one part of a candidate's selection and hiring process. This is why Morning Star Nannies LLC, performs in depth interviews and reference checks including work, child care, and personal or character references. We also strongly recommend that you check various social media accounts to get a full picture of the candidate you choose to hire. Some social media outlet to be looked at are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google, obtaining copies of the candidate's identification documents, and conducting on going monitoring of any individual you hire.